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University of Winnipeg, Canada

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 University of Montpellier, France

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ISM, Germany

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To generate and promote knowledge, develop new and innovative ideas in academics and to respond to the changing business scenario in the country, IILM Institute has undertaken the task of developing comprehensive case studies in functional and general management areas. It is the natural home for students, lecturers, and societies. Delivery of journal content via the internet has led to new markets opening up across the world. The faculty at IILM Institute is actively involved in various consultancy assignments for business and social organizations across management functions and in bringing these experiences into the write-ups and consequently leading to enhance the student’s ability to relate concepts to real life situations. Case writings help in generating and promoting knowledge and developing new and innovative ideas in academics.
In this section, you would find a collection of Digital data with respect to Management & change at IILM, a variety of Casebooks with rich collection of different case-studies and the in-house publication magazine of IILM-EDGE.

IILM Publications


IILM Third International Conference
“Responsible Management Education, Training and Practice”

7 to 9 January 2016
IILM Lodhi Road Campus, New Delhi

IILM is committed to the Principles of Responsible Management Education in letter and spirit. IILM’s Vision states “IILM will be a leader in values based management education and business focused research”.

IILM mission focuses on :

(a) A deep commitment to sustainable development and a green environment,
(b) An appreciation of the cultural heritage and socio-economic diversity of India.

As an institute we are committed to take the case of responsible management to educational institutions and corporates across South Asia and beyond. IILM First International Conference on Responsible Management Education and Practice, organized in January 2014, and IILM second International Conference on Responsible Management Education, Training and Practice held in January 2015, set key milestones in the journey of IILM.

IILM’s Third International Conference “Responsible Management Education, Training and Practice”, scheduled from 7th to 9th January 2016, is inspired by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent universal transformative agenda, focusing on well being and sustainability of all countries for the present and future generations. A highly connected world means that policies in any country can make a major impact across the globe.

Read More

IILM’s Second International Conference “Responsible Management Education, Training and Practice” from 8 to 10 January 2015, at IILM Lodhi Road Campus, New Delhi

IILM is organizing Second International Conference on “Responsible Management Education, Training, and Practice” from 8th to 10th January 2015. This conference is supported by PRME initiative of UN Global Compact. IILM was inducted as a champion business school by PRME at the UN Leaders Summit in New York in September 2013.
The conference will invite globally reputed and nationally recognized academics, captains of industry and other leaders to share, deliberate and discuss views on issues related to PRME and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Global Compact. Besides discussions and views from top managements, the conference is also research intensive and will showcase selected papers from researchers on the above themes from across the world.  Read More..

Experience of Two Decades in Delivering an International Programme in India:

The institute has a global mindset and is effectively able to replicate international programs and processes. The students are able to gain the same experience as a student studying in an overseas campus.

Centrally Located Campus in Gurgaon and Delhi:

IILM Undergraduate College Gurgaon shares the prime location and enables active interaction with the Corporate and Large Industrial Houses at the DLF Golf Course road. This provides the young scholars and budding entrepreneurs to build their business.

Safe and Secure Environment with Residential Facilities:

IILM offers a very safe and conducive environment for learning. Students are permitted into the campus only on showing their identity cards. On campus residential facilities are available for girls and within 1 Km from campus for boys.

Network of 7000 Well Placed Alumni from Business Community:

The program receives interest from students from Business families and heirs of family owned businesses. These students are able to provide exceptional guidance to the current students and mentor them for their future initiatives.

Globally Accepted Curriculum and Degree with Access to International Learning Material:

Globally accepted curriculum and degree, the entire course is delivered through books by foreign authors and course material taught is received from foreign partner.

Over 100 Full Time Faculty with Rich Academic and Industry Experience:

The pool of faculties at IILM comes from diverse backgrounds and is able to provide insights into contemporary issues and latest trends in the industry.

Opportunities to Attend International Summer Schools and Student Exchange Programmes at Partner Universities across Globe:

IILM provides a platform for students to assimilate varied experiences and be world ready. As part of the student exchange program, we get students from universities in Europe and US at our campus.

Personalised Attention through Strong Mentoring Programme:

IILM faculty assumes the role of a mentor to help the students as confidants. Regular counseling sessions with the Mentor helps them to excel beyond their own expectations and solve their problems effectively.

Vibrant student life with smart and ambitious peer group:

The students participate in clubs and society events on campus to give vent to their creativity; they aspire to be part of budding business community and build networks in the program.