In any academic instituion, the most important place is the classroom and the most important activity is the teaching-learning process. The teaching fraternity is a key to this process who, through their expertise, coverts knowledge into wisdom, thereby making it applicable beyond the boundaries of time and space. IILM has a diverse pool of intellectual capital drawn from various fields, endowed with rich research and teaching experience. The efforts of core faculty members are supplemented by visiting faculty from leading institutions and organizations.

Economics, Strategy and International Business

Gurpreet Singh Bhatia
Associate Professor (Economics)
Ph.D (Economics)


Nidhi Piplani
Assistant Professor (Economics)
MA (Economics)
Ph.D (Pursuing) – International Economics

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Family Business

Rahul Mishra
Professor (International Business and Family Business)
B.Sc (Hons) – Mathematics, MA (International Business)
Teaching and Research Experience – 14 Years


Sujit Sengupta
Professor (Marketing and Entrepreneurship)
Industry Experience  – 28 Years


Sheetal Jain
Assistant Professor
PhD (Submitted)

Finance and Accounting Management

Aarti Sharma
Assistant Professor (Finance)
MBA, M.Com


Deepika Dhingra
Assistant Professor (Finance)
Ph.D (Corporate Restructuring)


Geetika Arora
Assistant Professor (Finance)
Ph.D (Finance)


Kirtika Malhotra
Assistant Professor (Finance)
M.Com, PGDM (Finance and Marketing)


Shegorika Lalchandani
Associate Professor (Finance)
Ph.D (Finance)


Reenu Bansal
Assistant Professor- Finance
PhD (Credit Rating Agencies), MBA- Finance & Marketing

Marketing, Branding and Customer Service

Anjali Singh
Associate Professor (Marketing)
MBA (Marketing)
Ph.D (Social Media)


Archana Mahapatra
Assistant Professor (Marketing)
PGDBM (Marketing)


Joyeeta Chatterjee
Professor (Marketing)
MBA (Marketing and HRM)
Ph.D (Brand Management)


Devika Rani Sharma
Assistant Professor (Marketing)
M.Phil  (Marketing)


Nirmaljeet Kaur
Assistant  Professor (Marketing)
MBA (Marketing and Finance)
Ph.D (Pursing) – Marketing


Shruti Jolly
Assistant Professor (Marketing)
M.Com, PGDM (Marketing and Finance)


Smitha Girija
Professor (Marketing)
B.Sc. (Mathematics), MBA (Marketing)
Ph.D (Retail Management)

Technology and Operations Management

Harshita Bhatnagar
Associate Professor (Technology)
PGD (Human Resurce Management)
Ph.D (Pursuing) – E-Governance



Daisy Mathur Jain
Assistant Professor- Operations & Technology
PhD (IT Management)
Industry Experience – 12 Years

Communications and New and Social Media

Geeta Gogia
French Faculty – Foreign Language
MA (French)


Mini B Daniel
Associate Professor (Communication)
MBA (Public Administration)
Industry Experience – 21 Years


Saloni Sachdeva
German Faculty – Foreign Language
Advance Diploma in German

Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources, Leadership and Negotiations

Anindita Chatterjee
Assistant Professor (HR)
Industry Experience – 10 Years


Anisha Rani
Assistant Professor (HRM)


Gargi Sandilya
Assistant Professor (Organisational Behaviour)
Ph.D (Psychology)


Moumita Acharyya
Assistant Professor (HRM)
MBA (Human Resource Management)
Ph.D (Corporate Responsibility and Organizational Performance)


Sangeeta Chopra
Professor (HRM)
Ph.D (HRM)


Sanyukta Jolly
Professor (HRM)
M.Phil (Psychology)
Ph.D (Performance Management)


Shivani Khurana
Professor (Organisational Behaviour)
M.Phil (Psychology)
Ph.D (Organisation Behaviour)


Shuchi Agrawal
Professor (Organisational Behaviour)
MA (Applied Psychology)
Ph.D (Organizational Behaviour)


Sonia Paul
Professor- OB & HR
MBA, MA (English), Diploma in Hotel Management

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