IILM Institute for Higher Education hosts Fourteenth Vivekananda Memorial Debate Competition


SANSAD- The Debating society of IILM will be organizing the Fourteenth Vivekananda Memorial Debate 2014 on December 18, 19, 20th, 2014.

Vivekananda Memorial Debate is one of the India’s most respected and sought after debating grounds for the debaters from prestigious education institutions in India. Teams from across the country compete for the VMD Trophy every year. Vivekananda Memorial Debate is a platform for cross pollination of ideas and views related not only to management and the economy but also to burning socio-political issues. The three days of VMD at IILM campus are marked with fervor and enthusiasm.

The first position and prize money worth Rs 51,000 will be awarded. Runners up will be awarded prize money worth Rs 25,000. A ‘best speaker’ and ‘best interjector’ will be awarded prize money worth Rs 10,000 and Rs 5,000 respectively.

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