To get the best out of the curriculum, a student besides an open mind needs to be regular and present in the sessions not only physically but also mentally. Prior preparation and active participation is a prerequisite for all courses. The programme consists of: The core programme in the first year and the elective programme in the second year.

Admission Process

Batch Size

The Institute inducts 120 seats for its two-year full-time PGDM programme for students with MAT / CAT / XAT / GMAT / CMAT Scores.

Stage 1

Mandatory Appearance in CAT 2015/ CMAT 2016-17/ MAT 2016 – 17 / XAT / GMAT for the year 2015-16. Detailed information of the test can be obtained from the advertisements released by IIM’s in various national dailies.

Stage 2

Filling up of IILM Institute for Higher Education Application form separately.

All students seeking admission to IILM Institute for Higher Education must fill-up the prescribed application form, and submit the same to IILMInstitute for Higher Education Admission Office.

The application pack can be procured in the following ways:

1. Writing to IILM Institute for Higher Education Admission Office for the required admission form. OR

2. Fill in the on-line application form by clicking here

Stage 3

Appearance in Group Discussion and Personal Interview

The dates for the group discussion and interview would be intimated to short-listed candidates through email and letter.

Stage 4

Deposition of the requisite fee

  • The admissions would be final only after the payment of stated fee along with security deposit (as mentioned in the admission offer letter).
  • Fee refund policy is as per the guidelines laid down by the AICTE.

Year 1 (Term 1, 2 and 3)


  • Foundation Modules
  • Crossing Over
  • Global Study

Term 1 (Aug 2016 – Oct 2016)

  1. Managing Groups and Teams
  2. Basics of Accounting
  3. Probability Modelling and Statistics
  4. Basics of Economics
  5. Modeling Managerial Decisions
  6. Introduction to Negotiation and Negotiation Extension
  7. Global Virtual Teams
  8. Introduction to Marketing
  9. FIELD1 (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development)
  10. WAC
  11. Placement Workshop

Term 2 (Nov 2016 – Jan 2017)

  1. Employee
  2. Operations Engine
  3. Customer
  4. Competitor
  5. Innovator
  6. Investor
  7. Global Macro Economy
  8. Sourcing and Managing Funds
  9. Career Trek
  10. SBC
  11. Placement Workshop

Term 3 A ( 1 Feb 17 – 15 Mar 17)

  1. State and Society
  2. Bigdata Analytics
  3. Advanced Leadership
  4. Leadership Fundementals
  5. Leadership Practicum
  6. Placement Workshop
  7. Business Research Methods

Term 3 B (16 Mar 2017- 30 Apr 2017)

  • FIELD 2 (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development)
  • Electives (4 in number)
  • Mobile Banking
  • Marketing in a Digital World

Year II

Summer Internship Programme

Students undertake eight-twelve week summer internship after the completion of first year with any organization in their preferred area of specialization. The objective of SIP is to help the students relate to the concepts learnt in the class to real life situations, make them more aware of business practices and instill a sense of discipline. It is a mandatory training for all students and is equivalent to two full courses.


A series of workshop are offered in every term in order to supplement classroom teaching and enhance various skills and learning of students. Through these workshops we aim to prepare the students for the corporate world and help them achieve their goals of better employment.

Industry Visits / Live Project

As a part of integrated learning process, the students take up live projects with corporates and NGOs in and around Delhi which serve as a platform to put classroom learning into practice.


Experiential Learning

Our curriculum provides for experiential learning through Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development (FIELD), Career Trek and Classroom to Community. The FIELD module is divided into 3 parts. FIELD 1 aims at improving the students’ teamwork and leadership skills. Students understand the dynamics of working in teams and how individual performance affects overall team performance. FIELD 2 reiterates team building skills while instilling problem solving and presentation skills in the students. Lastly, FIELD 3 works on formulating a business plan in order to make learning more practical and engaging for a microbusiness of a new product/ service idea. Career Trek requires students travelling to different parts of the country to interact with the HR personnel of reputed organizations, to gain first hand understanding of job skills required for various industries. This enables students to plan their career paths. Classroom to Community involves students taking up opportunities to work in social enterprises and NGOs and putting to use various business tools and techniques. They experience the flavour of community service by working in various parts of the country.


Electives List

  1. OB and HR, Leadership and Negotiations
Elective Name Category
Human Resource Planning and Acquisition A
Performance Management and Appraisal A
Employee Training and Development A
Talent Management Strategy A
Compensation Management A
 Managing Change A
Employee Relation and Labour Laws A
Authentic Leadership Development A
HR Analytics B
Re-designing Work for 21st Century Managers B
Managing Social networks in Organization C
How Star Women Succeed C
Interpersonal Dynamics C
Human Resource Information System (ERP Next) C
HR for Startups C
Intentional Networking C


  1. Technology and Operations Management
Elective Name Category
Supply Chain Management A
Operations Strategy A
Total Quality Management A
Project Management A
Data Analytics for Managerial Decisions A
Managing Service Operations A
Operations Analytics A
Big Data and Critical Thinking B
Operations Management in Online Retailing B
Quantitative Pricing & Revenue Analytics B
Managing Process Improvement C
Enterprise Resource Planning C
Make in India C
Problem Framing C
Mobile Apps- technology and Implications C


  1. Marketing, Branding and Customer Service
Elective Name Category
Marketing Strategy for Diverse Markets A
Luxury Marketing A
Dynamic Marketing Strategy A
Business at the Base of the Pyramid A
Brand Management A
Marketing Communication ( includes all communication points) A
Retailing A
Marketing of Services A
Sales & Distribution A
Business Marketing &Sales A
Pricing Strategy A
Big Data & Analytics in Marketing B
Listening to Customer B
Consumer  Insight B
Design Thinking & Innovation B
Online Economy: Strategy and Entrepreneurship B
Sports Entertainment and Media C
Entrepreneurial Marketing C
Marketing for Social Impact C


  1. Finance and Accounting Management
Elective Name Category
Business Valuation and Analysis using Financial Statements A
Costing and Control Systems A
Corporate Accounting A
Business Taxation A
Corporate Taxation A
Creating Value through Corporate Restructuring A
Futures, Options and Risk Management A
Corporate Financial Engineering A
Working Capital Management A
Managing Financial Firm A
International Finance A
Investment Strategies A
Business at the Base of the Pyramid A
Behavioral Finance & Value Investing A
Investing in Emerging Markets A
Venture Capital & Private Equity A
Financial Analytics A
E-Commerce; Accounting, Control & Valuation B
Digital Money B
Supply Chain Finance B
Compliance and Financial Services Regulation C
Asset Backed Securities C
Energy Finance C
Real Property C


  1. Economics, Strategy and International Business
Elective Name Category
Non Market Strategy- Management Beyond the market A
Competitive Strategy A
Competing Globally A
Making Sense of Strategy A
Public Policy A
International Trade Theory and Policy A
Make In India -Microeconomics of Competitiveness- Firms, Clusters & Economic Development B
Digital Strategy B
Designing Competitive Organisations B


  1. Communications & New and Social Media
Elective Name Category
Cultural Identities and Inter-cultural Communication A
Digital Marketing Strategy A
Persuasive Communication & Creative Writing for Social Media B
Search Engine Marketing for Business Growth B
Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals B
Mobile and Location-based marketing C
Big Data in Marketing C
LinkedIn Marketing C
Transforming the Business Through Social Tools C
Strategic Principles for Competing in the Digital Age C


  1. Entrepreneurship, Innovation
Elective Name Category
Entrepreneurial Finance A
Entrepreneurship & Global Capitalism A
Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation B
Your First Hundred Days C
Startup Up Founder Series C
Innovating Business Models, Products and Services C


  1. Family Business
Elective Name Category
Managing Family Business A
Family Business to Next Stage of Growth A
Family Business – Corporate and Family Governance C
Building Lasting Family Business – Vision, Values and Strategy C

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