Recruiters on Campus

IILM has an excellent track record of placement for all programmes in various Industries throughout India. In the year 2012-14, approximately 175 organizations from various industry verticals visited the campus. The cos. offered placement in areas such as Finance, Marketing, Operations and Human Resources. The students were placed in sectors such as Real Estate, Consultancy, FMCG, Advertising & Media, IT, Research, Education , Logistics, Retail, Health & Pharma, Banking Hospitality,  Financial Services and Manufacturing.

Final Placement Process

  • Placement brochure detailing the programme structure and other programme attributes, along with student profiles is shared with companies to help these prospective employers develop a proper understanding of the institute, its programmes and the students;
  • These organizations are subsequently contacted by the faculty coordinators to find out their campus recruitment plan for the year.
  • Student Council of Placement (SCOP) team also visits the company along with the faculty coordinators for interaction.
  • Alternatively, the company can send a notification, via e-mail at
  • Pre-Placement talks are held at the Institute during which the companies make presentations about their operations and job profile etc.
  • We also contact our Alumni who works in a company to guide the students on how to prepare themselves for various rounds of the selection process.
  • Students from the graduating batch, who have a best-fit, both attitudinally as well as skill-wise with the needs of the organization, and are interested in applying to them, are identified and their detailed resumes are forwarded to the companies for further processing;
  • The final interviews are held at IILM campuses or company location as the case may be.

Summer Placement Process:

  • The selection process for Summer Placement will commence from January 2015 onwards.
  • The faculty mentor will discuss with the students to understand their area of interest.
  • When the Internship offers come from the company, the faculty mentor evaluates the Internship projects by interacting with the concerned Industry person.
  • The student will then apply to the company and go through the selection criteria.
  • The duration of Internship is three months.
  • The final presentation will be organized in the company premises, where the faculty panel will also join to evaluate the work of the student.

Placement Workshops

At IILM, Placement workshops are co-taught by champions from industry and by the senior faculty. It provides students with an understanding of skills required to get a job and to do well in a job. Main purpose of a placement workshop is to motivate and equip students to find their own positions; it is a vehicle for doing so. Workshops help in enhancing a student’s interaction with his/her peers and with industry people and hence will maximize their learning from each other’s experience and knowledge.

Glimpse of placement workshops:

  • Understanding yourself and what employer wants: We help students to identify their own skills and map them as per requirement of the future employer.
  • Understanding of the world of work: Industry experts share their experiences and prepare students ready to work
  • Social capital in careers: We discuss the role of social capital in shaping the career of individuals via identifying opportunities presented by personal network and social media tools
  • How to write professionally: Practical exposure with lots of exercises is given to students to improve their professional.
  • Effective Application form and Resume writing: According to a survey, 60% job applications are rejected. We train our students to make CV and how to fill in job application form.
  • Emotional Intelligence: We prepare our students how to handle emotions effectively & be emotionally intelligent at work place.
  • Cross cultural communication: We share tips for situations, how to be in situations where people of different origin and regions are present.
  • Marketing yourself and creating the first impression : We prepare our students the way information about self and competencies should be highlighted in a covertly fashion .


Ques. How many Companies usually visit the campus during Campus Placements?

Ans. Number of Companies visiting the campus for final placement each year is around 200. Last year 180 companies visited IILM for final placement.

Ques. What is the help extended to the students for placements?

Ans. The placement team facilitates the students throughout the year with different activities. The students are exposed to experts from the industry who enlighten them and polish their skills according to the industry. The students are provided with company specific workshops and online aptitude tests to sharpen their logical and analytical skills before the placement processes. Mock GD and PI sessions are also held for the students to facilitate them in the preparation for the final interviews.

Ques. When does the Placement Activity begin?

Ans. The final placement season starts from the month of October every year and ends by February. Summer placements start in the month of January and ends by May.

Ques. Which are the Companies that regularly visit for Campus Recruitment?

Ans. See Recruiters List

Ques. Are there any academic criteria of eligibility for Placement?

Ans. Yes, one must have a an aggregate percentage of 40% and 75% attendance to enter final placement process.

Ques. What is the Average range of salary offered by companies to a fresher?

Ans. Can range from 3 Lacs per annum to 7 Lacs per annum according to the credibility of students.

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